Arbor Mobile: Yet another innovation from your friends at Arbor!


How to download?

Its easy! Just make sure you access this page from your smart phone device. That way you can link with your app store! To download, simply click on the appropriate link below or go to your app store and search "Arbor Carpet". Easy enough right? Oh, and it's completely FREE!


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An Industry First:

It has always been Arbor's goal to stay innovative in our industry. With all the new technology that is hitting the market, companies need to look for ways to provide customers with an easier way to do business. Arbor sought out to solve some key issues that our clients face when doing business with us.


Why Arbor Mobile?

With Arbor Mobile, you can now order from anywhere, reference product choices, get product specs, find and contact your local rep, and build a customer profile for your property, all in one simple to use application. Its all there in one place. Why look elsewhere?


What are the features?

The "My Orders" Portal: With the new intuitive ordering section of Arbor Mobile, clients can enjoy the freedom and ease of ordering from anywhere, right on their mobile device. It's simple and easy to use and fully integrated with your mobile device. Just hit "My Orders" to place orders, access invoices, check install dates, and more!


Single Sign-on: Why should you have to spend precious time logging in? We know our clients are busy, so we created Arbor Mobile to be single sign-on. Download the app and sign-on once! That way, the app recognizes your device. Its simple, fast and efficient.




The "Product Gallery" Section: This section is complete with all stocked products that Arbor offers. You can access this to reference a color choice, get a product spec, and even access the "Our People" section where you can find your local reps contact info. It's a great way to ensure Arbor has you covered.



The "My Favorites" Section: We know that searching through products can take up much needed time, so why do it more than once? With Arbor Mobile, you can build a custom profile in your "My Favorites" section so that you can easily reference the products that are important to you! Simply click on the  "heart" when in the products section and check your "My Favorites". Its that simple!



Video Tutorial:

Have a look at this tutorial that covers all aspects of Arbor Mobile. There is a full version that will cover these in detail. Just visit the Arbor Carpet page on YouTube!


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